Why is it vital to have your home

look attractive both inside and out?

Well, many would agree that a creative design of the house emphasizes your personality, and in some way, helps you feel better.

Such an approach is totally wrong, as the first thing the visitors see is the exterior, and quite often they may develop a wrong opinion of you from that.

Fortunately, there is a number of options to deal with this problem. You can hire a professional designer or even do everything all by yourself.




Our teams work diligently to satisfy all points on the renovation spectrum: a completed project that suits your family, home and budget. 


Estimating and scoping

We do not low-ball cost, lower the quality of our work to make a margin or raise prices once a job has begun.



Professional renovators, such as our company, are in business for the long term. We strive to make every renovation a pleasant and successful experience.


Creative ideas for exterior

Proposing early concepts or strategic approaches to often complex urban or commercial projects, we are skilled at quickly capturing our clients' visions.


Many people face some difficulties while decorating their homes. The matter is that the beginners don’t know how to do it right and do it in their own way.

As a result, they get a tacky look that has nothing common with style. Just follow the tips and you will become a pro any time soon.

Private garden design

Actually, in many cases, only few changes are enough to make the building look stylish, but sometimes it may need a severe reconstruction.

 This option is also great if you need a result in the short run.


Natalie Barnes

Natalie is a professional designer, experienced in outdoor gardening.

Thomas Bishop

Thomas is passionate about producing unique vivid designs for a very exacting client.

Maria Brooks

Maria will easily help you to implement your stylistic ideas into reality.

David Austin

f you don't know what your garden should look like, don't worry. David knows!


Shortly about us

Exterus Landscape and Design Bureau offers a wide range of landscape design services, we can design and create the perfect space for you and your family

Our philosophy

To understand how the outdoor space will work for a specific client using the architecture, surrounding landscape and site specifics.


Our services

Creating an outdoor space may include many elements - paving, lawns, buildings, water, lighting, heating, furniture and sculptures.

And it will definitely include plants! Throughout the project, we work in close collaboration with our clients to ensure the design accurately reflects their requirements, tastes and budget.

Projects of all sizes are approached with the same commitment, passion and attention to detail.


“There is also another option - to do everything by yourself. Although, this may be a tricky mission as there are many specifications that should be taken into account while developing the design. Learn some of them and you are good to go.”

Robert Brown